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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Girls from Paradise Island (1953)

In 1945, British official Roger Halyard (Leo Genn) is distraught upon learning that 1,500 Marines are about to land on the isolated South Pacific island where he's raised his daughters Hester (Audrey Dalton), Violet (Joan Elan) and Gloria (Dorothy Bromiley) away from hectic modern society. The girls are pursued by the lonely Marines, and while one sister falls for a two-timer, another enjoys being a flirt and the third finds true love.

Although this movie was made in '53, it was about WWII. I LOVED the fashions and it was in color. It also explored how those women who were 'left behind' felt when their 'men' went off to war. The setting looked very much Hawaiian :) but was actually made on Paramount's Backlot.

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